Update 21/11/2019
Posted by MarkG at 2019-11-02 17:06:05 - Last updated at 2019-11-21 13:18:52

Added Split City in Summer (co-op) , Addied Split City in Fall (Co-op)

Added Monsters from The Mist, Looming Danger, The Dark Gate (Event Ventures)

plus a few updates for mountain clan loots

NEW Co-op Adeventure Loots
Posted by MarkG at 2018-07-25 12:04:03 - Last updated at 2018-07-25 12:04:56

i've added the new co-op loots to tracker for those who can be bothered doing them :) the new ones tagged with (25/07/2018)

info from http://settlersonlinewiki.eu/en/adventures/rewards-from-adventures/

most likely need some changes, as usual send me ingame mail telling what items are missing/incorrect and which slots)

Rainy saturday update.
Posted by Procat at 2015-08-15 11:09:04

Heys guys.

Just a little update to tell you about some new things that's been added since we launched the new version and some fixes too.

First off, we've added an estimated loot value to each adventure based on the average estimated loot value of everything registered for that adventure. It's a bit time comsuming to calculate these values so it's currently running ones per day, thou in most cases it shouldn't change the numbers much, but for adventures with fairly anything registered or big changes to an item value, this might have an effect. We are able to tweak how often this runs if needed, but for now, it's once daily.

People are now able to make comments on blog posts :)

Prices, a few numbers was off after I mass entered it, but we've updated a good number of them after launch. We are still looking for volunteers to help update the prices and enter new items, if you're willing to give a hand with this, whisper or mail me (Procat) ingame. If you just want an item added, update or have it's price change, you can contact MarkG, Notious or Procat ingame.

As always, please leave your feedback so we know what to work on.


And we're back up.
Posted by Procat at 2015-08-12 06:58:01 - Last updated at 2015-08-12 06:58:09

If you see any bugs or have feedback please leave a comment here, go to https://github.com/tkprocat/tso-nf.com/issues or mail me ingame.

Schedule Maintenance
Posted by Procat at 2015-08-11 08:31:01 - Last updated at 2015-08-11 08:31:51

Just a heads up, we're planning on doing a rather large upgrade of the site tonight starting at midnight CET lasting a few hours.

The update includes several changes, some of them are:

Improved guild system.

Guild based statictics.

Improved global statictics.

New price list feature along with estimated loot value.

Moving to a new server.

Hopefully the update won't cause too many issues, but we are doing a rather large update and moving server at the same time, so no promises.

SSL Certificate changed
Posted by Procat at 2015-07-03 09:12:53

In case anyone gets an error or warning about this. We have switched provider of our SSL certificate and bought a new one that will last another year.

Downtime and random bugs
Posted by Procat at 2015-05-06 20:18:16 - Last updated at 2015-05-06 20:18:52

Just want to do a quick update and apologize for the random breakge this past week. Sadly we're far from done yet :)

The loot tracker is a hobby project for me and I'm learning as I go, which, sometimes leaves some poorly designed solutions behind. This is where I am at now, tidying up code, fixing things to better use the underlaying framework, trying to do things in a similar way across the code and adding automated tests, lots of automated tests (arrrrrgggghhhhh).

Again, sorry for all the downtime.

Posted by MarkG at 2015-02-23 22:15:36 - Last updated at 2015-03-20 00:22:24

All new easter adventures/scenario's, are added
there are probably some mistakes, let me know ingame if you get anything not listed as option in any slots
oh, forgot about new feature add, sure most have spotted it, but instead of scrolling through long list of adventures when adding loots, you can now type a few letters of the adventure name to narrow down selection list

Up And Running
Posted by MarkG at 2015-01-09 23:24:30 - Last updated at 2015-03-19 12:18:11

All adventures are up on tracker now, all the slots info on loot are taken from data on settlersonlinewiki.eu and my own loots, if you have a loot that differs from those available in slots, send me (MarkG) an ingame mail with a screengrab (if possible) and i will change asap. have fun tracking your loots again (until BB decide to mess with loots again, grrrh)
BTW, if you were signed up on old loottracker (pre Nov 2014), and your login doesnt work, and recovery doesnt see your account, you will need to sign-up again as old database was removed when website was rebooted in December

Our yearly update - 2014 version.
Posted by MarkG at 2014-12-05 22:24:21 - Last updated at 2015-03-19 12:18:36

Just to let everyone know, we have moved all the old data to archive.tso-nf.com and started preparing for setting everything up again :)
As always, if you spot any errors please mail MarkG or Procat ingame screenshots of loot for verification.