Rainy saturday update.
Heys guys.

Just a little update to tell you about some new things that's been added since we launched the new version and some fixes too.

First off, we've added an estimated loot value to each adventure based on the average estimated loot value of everything registered for that adventure. It's a bit time comsuming to calculate these values so it's currently running ones per day, thou in most cases it shouldn't change the numbers much, but for adventures with fairly anything registered or big changes to an item value, this might have an effect. We are able to tweak how often this runs if needed, but for now, it's once daily.

People are now able to make comments on blog posts :)

Prices, a few numbers was off after I mass entered it, but we've updated a good number of them after launch. We are still looking for volunteers to help update the prices and enter new items, if you're willing to give a hand with this, whisper or mail me (Procat) ingame. If you just want an item added, update or have it's price change, you can contact MarkG, Notious or Procat ingame.

As always, please leave your feedback so we know what to work on.



Hi Guys,<br /><br />I have a hard time finding you in game. I have some feedback regarding One Step Ahead and the loot from the venture. Also are you interested in help on maintaining this site?<br /><br />Br UGdk
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